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For Weber, the key form of social organisation defining the modern age was bureaucracy.Bureaucracies have flourished because their efficient and rational division and application of labour is powerful. As cogs in a larger, purposeful machine, people become alienated from the traditional morals that guide human relationships as they pursue the goal of the collective organisation.

Like all psychopaths, the firm is singularly self-interested: its purpose is to create wealth for its shareholders.

The makers of “The Corporation” counter that the state was not the subject of their film. But they have done more than produce a thought-provoking account of the firm.

Their film also invites its audience to weigh up the benefits of privatisation versus public ownership.


An epic in length and breadth, this documentary aims at nothing less than a full-scale portrait of the most dominant institution on the planet Earth in our lifetime--a phenomenon all the more remarkable, if not downright frightening, when you consider that the corporation as we know it has been around for only about 150 years.

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