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The stairs led to a cellar similar to Jack's and we continued to a heavy steel door that led down more steps into another room.When the lights were turned on, I could see various pieces of bdsm furniture and equipment, with whips, chans, rope, and restraints hanging from one wall and several cabinets with closed doors on another.She gave me this sexy but evil glare and locked up my cock. She climbed on top of me and rubbed my locked cock against her pussy.She told me that she missed my cock and wanted to keep it for herself.Other then that it doesnt matter, race, size, age, is not important. If you want to support me please subscribe to I am a swedish MILF who like to share my private pictures and videos whith you.If you like them feel fre to put a comment on them.I have been extremely horny all week and she just told me today that she will only unlock my cock if I cum from her fucking me with a strapon tomorrow.Im so desperate to cum I would beg for her to fuck me. I'm sorry it took me so long to continue; but, I had to develop more courage to write about the next weekend. When I entered, he said to keep my coat on because we were leaving to visit Mike and Lisa.

She put the keys around her neck on a necklace and said that she will be back in town on Friday.

It was a half-hour drive to their house, which was located on what appeared to be a large farm.

Even though it was dark out, I could see 5 or 6 outbuildings and several silos; but, no lights in sight from other houses in the area.

The table was short and only supported me from my head to my butt; but, it had stippups like in a doctors office that they raised to support my legs.

My legs were restrained to the stirrups with velcrow cuffs at the ankles and knees; and, my wrists were restrained at my sides to the table.

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  1. It has evolved over the years and for a few years I kinda forgot it was here and focused on other things (like my baby! Now I am planning on refocusing and adding some new webcams, free webcam girls and stuff.