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If you choose to talk about it, you'll have to pass two fairly easy speech checks before having to pay him some money back, but better to skip those and offer him the money right away.He will always accept 0 (or 0 if you pass a barter check).

You can still do the repair on it after you've won, even though it supposedly is broken beyond repair by then. *During the desert transaction between the Salvatores and the Enclave, it is now possible to sneak aboard the Vertibird. The date will not happen until you come back from the Oil rig though.

He will sell you information, 100-200$ for info on Eldridge and 0-00 for quest related stuff (harder speech check the lower you offer him). Marked cards can be found on a shelf upstairs at the Desperado or dug up from one of the northern graves at Golgotha.

After you've won 11 times (and are 0 richer), he won't be able to pay you his debt, so you can get information for free (only once).

If you fail any of his skill checks he will attack Note: You have to first offer the money you won, before you can choose what amount to give back.

Doing some repairing and cleaning on Mc Gee's slot machine gives you 50xp, or if you get a critical_success you get 100 xp.

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