This could be a testing error (not on flat, smooth ground), a problem with the throttle unit (or its wiring), or another procedural problem with the relearn process.

I recommend a throttle body replacement service performed by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from Your Mechanic, who will come to your location, re-install the control unit, and re-do the "re-learning" procedure.

P1589 means the engine will stop or possibly run at very low idle speed.

With two codes like those I'd be looking for wiring problems (if battery is known good) but if you're not good with car DIY then it's probably a dealer (or indy) job.

so wondering if in any way related to snowy salted mix on highways?

anyway will have check engine light checked for diagnostic codes, but folks at autozone won't be able to read VSC, have to have that done at mechanic but must wait until thursday.

This is why everyone should get the workshop manual (ebay -10).

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