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However, we did not ask for photos, contact information or dates. We both like John Mayer, Tom Tykwer and Run Lola Run, do not like coffee with milk, like fruits more than chocolate, but the most important thing was we both love dogs.As I got to know him more, I wanted to meet him in person.Snowy this year has passed her Canine Good Citizen Test ( a very hard feat in itself ), due to the fact that they are very limited to , socialization, outside of their home environment.I do not see them enough, but I have seen the sensational results.The bond between the two of them is forever growing, adapting, and evolving together to care for the needs of one another especially the need of Love.Trish has a harder time getting around, she is not as mobile as she used to be, and Snowy has her ups and downs also, but together they get through the rough times.Aside from playing with Cubbie, one of my leisure activities was going to be2 website. After joining be2 a month later, I saw Thomas’ profile.His username was the same name as Cubbie’s food brand.

On August 28, 2011, Upstate New York was hit with one of the worst hurricanes to come inland. Prattsville was wiped off the map after this hurricane. As the water worked it's way up to Trish's house, evacuation was esstential for both Snowy and Trisha.Snowy we have taught her to become a service dog for Trisha with the skill of retrieving the phone for her, she also picks up her own toys and returns them into a basket.Continuation of Snowy's Freestyle Dancing is moving forward with a new twist of Trisha sitting in her walker chair.Bringing Cubbie with me, we met at his clinic at Eastpoint last May. Although he did not say much, he gave me an honest and sincere impression. We dated, dined out, did shopping, went to the park and played with Cubbie.We have the same interests and it’s not a big deal to choose a film together.

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