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Try avoiding all fat during the active time of the fast insulin which is 3-5 hours, unless you love fat under your abdominals giving you a permanent gut.It is smart to always have dextroxe tablets or gummybears around you after the injection in case you notice symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Lantus is reserved for bodybuilders on enormous amounts of human growth hormone and people trying to get as obese as possible as fast as possible. The protocols on the internet vary alot, and the one i used with best sucess is a post workout administration of 6-10 iu, depending if you training a small bodypart (chest = 6-8iu) or a bigger muscle group (back/legs = 10-12iu).

Expect 10-20lbs of Mass, both water and muscles, and tremendous increases in strength and recovery.

It’s best to cycle insulin 4 weeks on/ 4 weeks off to avoid insulin resistance, and metformin is recommended in the off weeks to further improve insulin sensitivity.

Protocol: Right after the workout, you inject your insulin dosage into the subcutanous fat on your belly.

Pinch it, rub the fat bubbles away and inject your desired amount.

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