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Obviously, I know it can be inappropriate, but a well-timed curse can be an icebreaker, tension release or just plain funny.That’s why I loved Sarah Knight’s first book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck, and the way it stuck two fingers up at all the other self-help books, making them look oh so serious. What you have to do, what you have no choice but to do, is accept it and move on. It’s like we always prefer to impress and charm the new than to work on what we already have. This is true whether you’re running a marathon or trying to get to Mars. It’s clear, it’s not passive aggressive, and you know where you stand. The journalists are trying to trap him into choosing on-camera between a safety/police-state and civil liberties/freedom but Trudeau refuses their boxes. Don’t let people dictate how you should live your life. The status quo is doing fine without you, so it’s up to you to call bullshit if you see it. Telling the truth means seeing the truth, not adding your own layer of sugar coating or suspected emotion on top of it. Feel like hanging from hooks or get whipped by a dominatrix? Once you begin on this path, you start to discover that practically everyone is capable of understanding the weird things that you do. Check this out: when people don’t like you, nothing actually happens. You know when they say “the best revenge is a life well lived”? A life well lived is great, yes, but it cannot happen while you are sweating about who your detractors are and what they think. Then, once we’ve impressed our boss, we start taking him for granted too, and so on, in an endless cycle of apathy. What it takes to move past anything is to simply realize that your obstacle is unimportant, and that it can be dismissed. If you have had it around for long enough, you actually start to believe that the eye is you, and that you’re “being reasonable” or some other rationalization. It is a prison, and you have justified its existence by obeying it. But the secret, the part that’s amazing, is that it can’t do anything to stop you, even if it wanted to. Someone told me recently that the Clintons’ method for earning respect in politics is this: This is much better than awkwardness. Trudeau’s “Just watch me” is one of the most famous phrases in Canadian political history. No one wants another individual who steps in line with everyone else. This step can’t happen without the others, but once you’ve gotten here, you can safely begin to explore a whole new world– one where anything you do is fine as long as it isn’t seriously hurting anyone else. No problem, as long as you’re ready to live with the consequences.

It's related to words in Dutch, German, and Swedish, and the etymological meaning has to do with moving back and forth.

And in her new book, You Do You, Knight shoots down in flames all the stuff you think you need to care about, giving you permission to rid yourself of all outside influences, obligation and expectations that you don’t care about.

So, as the queen of what to discard, dump, of giving no fucks, what does she really give a fuck about?

“I’ve really been able to focus on getting rid of the aspects of ambition and success, as perceived by other people, that used to define me.

Now, I’m much more focused on just living in the way I want and being the kind of person that I’m happy and proud of being – without worrying so much about what it looks like on the outside.” In You Do You, Knight writes about learning to be authentic: “People really are seeing themselves in that message. However I want to do it, that makes me happy – it doesn’t have to be the way that everybody else thinks I should.’” That includes embracing any life decisions that don’t fit the norm.

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