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Though his parents do not play a large role in the graphic novel, they are perceived as having a greater connection to China and the Chinese culture, by speaking Mandarin at home and using Chinese medicinal cures.The graphic novel is one of the first of its kind, telling a story from a Chinese-American point of view and having been written by one, as well.There were 300,000 students from China studying in the US in the 2013/14 school year, but the population pool still seems too small for romance."The Chinese circle in the US is actually very small," said Chu Rui, a graduate student at Penn.Regardless of ethnicity, the unifying themes of bullying, unrequited love, and familial embarrassment make him empathetic.Yet, distinctly Chinese cultural elements such as the folklore of The Monkey King based on and the caricature of Jin Wang’s cousin represents the Asian-American stereotypes that continue to pervade ignorant circles.When talking with the other kings, the Monkey King views him no different from anyone else.

by Gene Luen Yang puts a new exploration of identity through the perspective of Jin Wang, a young Chinese-American student who navigates the second-generation life while grappling with bullying, dating, and friendships."There's very little 'dating around' in the Chinese community." Chinese men also often "do not know how to express themselves or open up to show how amazing they are, especially on the first date," Zhao added. " said Lina Mei, a jewelry dealer and a community activist in Flushing, Queens, who has held more than 30 monthly dating parties for local Chinese."This leads to the impression that they are less interesting people when you first meet them." 2Red Beans also finds US citizens and green card holders are more popular than aliens, a sign that Chinese living in the US want stability, something Chinese have to worry about when dating in the US. "In many cases, people start dating after my event, then one of them goes back to China, and the relationship is done," she said.Even as a Chinese American, she still has limited interaction with Chinese students. "Maybe they still feel: 'I am different, even though my Mandarin is not bad'. Chinese students are shy, but in the United States, if you don't speak out, we won't help you." Dating culture in the US is different from China, said Zhao Qinghua, founder of 2Red Beans, a dating website for Chinese living in the US."Dating withmultiple men/women concurrently is unacceptable," Zhao said.

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Jocks and bullies pick on him constantly, and he has hardly any friends.

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