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This Iranian ) was supposed to restore to man the immortality lost in Paradise (see EUCHARIST).

Sacrifices were always accompanied with prayers, for which as the expression of their religious sentiments the Greeks showed a special preference.To Siva and his spouse bloody sacrifices are also offered. In the kindred but ethically superior religion of the Iranians (Parseeism, Zoroastrianism, Mazdeism), which unfortunately never overcame the theological dualism between the good god (Ormuzd=Athura-Mazda) and the wicked anti-god (Ahriman=Angrô-Mainyu), there existed from the beginning a special priestly caste, which in the Avesta was divided into six classes.Nor are idolatry and prostitution wanting" ("Apologie d. The general name for priest was (man of fire), and the chief duty of the priesthood was the fire-service, fire being the special symbol of Ormuzd, the god of light.In Homer the kings also offer sacrifices to the gods.Public worship was in general undertaken by the State, and the priests were state officials, assigned as a rule to the service of special temples.

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