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The 98-year-old Vladislovas Telksnys, the only Lithuanian survivor of the Stutthof concentration camp in 2013, referred to the movie as "a piece of nonsense".

In particular he referred to the scene depicting a Gestapo officer marching and a woman with an umbrella following behind.

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That is a destiny, a mixture of objectives and desires of heroes.

In The Forest of Gods Balys Sruoga revealed life in a concentration camp through the eyes of a man whose only way to save his life and maintain his dignity was to view everything through a veil of irony and humor, where torturers and their victims are exposed as imperfect human beings, being far removed from the false ideals of their political leaders. Gets tired." - in regards to the guards beating prisoners. Už tvoros matyti trys berželiai, du kelmai ir vienas grybas.”“Viena, kas gera šioje aplinkoje, - kad visiškai išnyksta mirties baimė. Čionai taip žmogus apsipranta su mirties perspektyva, kad ji darosi šiokiadienė šiukšlė.

Originally the novel was forbidden to be published by Soviet officials; it was ultimately published in 1957, ten years after the author's death.

Laimingas, viskuom aptekęs žmogus niekada neparašys geros knygos, tik skaudi patirtis atveria kelią kūrybai.

Tad žemai lenkiuosi Baliui Sruogai už šią puikią knygą! It/s full of irony, it's full of comedian situations, but the main things lies on the tragedy of people's lives. I read this book in Polish many years ago, when I started working at the Stutthof Museum as a guide, since it was one of the best testimonies of that happened at this camp. Somehow he managed to turn a book about the Nazis into a pleasurable read.

'The Professor' is a man who lives by his own personal version of the Ten Commandments.

Can you imagine what would happen if we locked a woman in a small apartment with her ...

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In 1945 he returned to Vilnius and continued teaching at Vilnius University, where he wrote the dramas Pajūrio kurortas and Barbora Radvilaitė.

Refusal to publish The Forest of Gods, and weak health resulting from his time in concentration camps, led to his death in October 16, 1947.[1] The 2005 film Forest of the Gods was based on the book.“Vieną laišką jis man konfiskuoja už tai, kad jame buvo parašyta: „Baisiai nuobodus biznis už surūdijusių vielų sėdėti...”- Kaip tu drįsti rašyti, kad už surūdijusių vielų sėdi?

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