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In the end there is a slide presentation of all the baby animals. they all just slot right in around here after they initially try to take over but I have to say, they never get past first base with me as their teacher!! It is about the mating rituals of the different animals from flamingos to whales.

I learned that Jack the Kamodo dragon has been lent to a Zoo out in the midwest. I learned that flamingos will not nest and mate unless there is enough of them.

There is actually a lesbian couple that mate (no furtilized egg) They are mates for life. I learned that in addition to turtles being able to breath out their butt ...... And somethimes the Galapagos turtles mistake large rocks for the female. I Bought a Bull, Now when they have Calves, we will have some Beef I have Witnessed Deer Breeding, and just Natures way of surviving, and Continued Generations of our Resources...

So for all you men out there with blow up dolls - it happens.... But Animals are Different than people, They do their Job and their done till next Heat cycle, if they werent Pregnant...

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