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“You know every other Mexican has chrome rims on his car,” Destroyer says in a reasoned tone, suggesting that this particular ride might not belong to a drug cartel. Eventually, we reach the top and sit, looking over the southwest side of the mountain. “Delta is in position.” “Solid copy.” Iceman scans the valley below with his binoculars and then bundles up in his nylon woobie blanket.

He’s clutching the pistol grip of his AK-47, his trigger finger responsibly pointed down the receiver. He tells me to keep an eye out; he’ll use his powerful sense of hearing to conduct audio surveillance.

“Somebody probably saw guys with long rifles and camouflage and thought, ‘Holy crap! “Scary-lookin’ bunch,” Destroyer says as he picks at his teeth in a slightly forced pose of calm. Jaeger is listening to a song called “Shadow of the Swastika” by a Viking metal band called Týr. '” This makes Destroyer think of Black Lives Matter. A Border Patrol agent stops in, hurried, and tells us some of their sensors were tripped just to the south of us.

Pain says that when he gets back he’s going to try to get some gun shops to sponsor the border operations. “I’ll let you in on a little something nobody knows but me,” Ghost says to the few of us sitting around. It won’t be ours, but it will be leased to us.” He says the land is directly on the border, so immigrants would have to pass right through it. Ghost assigns Iceman and me to go up Witch’s Tit, the spot Dennis recommended. He is wearing a nylon skull mask and a battle helmet with built-in night vision goggles that pull down over his eyes, which he’s blackened like a raccoon’s.

Ghost says he has propane lights and gas burners back home. I wake at 3 a.m., stumble past the guys around the fire, and pour a cup of coffee.

No worries.” She radios in our IDs and then asks how we ended up in Arizona. ” I later asked the agency to comment on these interactions between its officers and militiamen.

“I guess people just aren’t really used to seeing a group out practicing their right to bear their arms, and they freak out if they do. I asked him whether they ever get any pressure from their superiors in Washington, DC, about us being around. “When you guys come through, they warn us like, ‘Heads up, those guys are out there.’ Good!

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